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Zawtika Development Project Phase 1C construction project


 J321 Zawtika Development Project Phase 1C construction project was completed on 10 February 2018. With the final load-out of WP10 and smooth departure from the port, CSE accomplished all the construction work stipulated in the contract.


The 40,000 ton jackets and piles fabrication project began on November 8, 2016, and ended on February 10, 2018 with fabrication duration of 15 months. No-loss working hours of 2.8 million and zero non-conformity delivery were recorded. Standard and efficient of loading and unloading operations were carried out for a total of six shipments.


The project pays great attention to early and effective quality risk identification, sets standards, specifications and procedures for quality control at all levels in accordance with the requirements of the owner's specifications. In addition, we work with the construction related department to strengthen the quality process control and ensure that the project is delivered with high quality.