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People Orientation, Mutual Development 

Regarded as talents are the foundation and developing source, the company always adheres to people-oriented, talent-respected, staff-trusted, talent-cultivated and talent-inspired in various operative management production activities and always unifies staff’s requirements and company’s development in developing progress to achieve the objective of mutual development.




HR Development and Management Objective

To provide qualified HR to push development and realize objective of company; offer excellent environment to help staff’s growth and achieve self-value. The company has definite objective: on one hand, providing qualified HR, including appropriate quantity, quality, structure and cost, is to promote development and realize entire objective of the company. 

Meanwhile, taking company’s development as a platform, to offer an excellent environment for staff, including good life and work environment, growing space, training development and compensation & welfare to help their growth and achieve their self-value.



Development and Management Concept

Objective-guided, People-oriented, Justice & Fairness, Scientific Standard 

Taking strategic objective as basis, HR development and management adjust and change with it.  

Rooted by humanity, HR development and management give full consideration to staff’s characteristic and requirements to greatly inspire their work enthusiasm. 

Adhering to Justice & Fairness, HR development and management is based on the equality of rights, opportunities and rules and sticks to the criteria of correct basic value in line with law of development.   




HR development and management system.

The company has set up systems of scientific standard HR planning, position management, recruitment, training, attendance and holiday, compensation & welfare, performance assessment, promotion, relationship management, labor management, etc.